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Year 6

Good morning, Year 6.

The tasks you will need for today's lessons are linked below. 


Maths - There are two Maths tasks (please open the documents that are shown for your set). There is a 'Four Fluency' task and a set of real-life problems for you to work through. Please show your working out clearly. 


English - The two English tasks are for everyone. The tasks focus on word classes and on using apostrophes correctly. Remember that apostrophes are used for contractions (e.g. do not - don't) or for showing possession (e.g. Jenny's pen / Spain's biggest hotel). 


Science - In the afternoon, please complete some research about the scientist Charles Darwin and present what you have learnt as an information page. You may set out your information page in your own way, but it must include details about:

  • Darwin's early life;
  • the specific scientific work that Darwin did;
  • why Darwin is remembered by scientists today.


You will need to use the documents below. You can either print the documents and answer on your sheet or simply view the questions on the screen and answer on a piece of paper. 

When we return to school, please bring your work with you. 


Many thanks.

Mrs. Kaur, Mr. Hiley, Mrs. Hinkley and Mrs. Tudor