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Year 5 Information

Hello and a very warm welcome back to Hamstead Junior School! We all look forward to working together with you for the next year, providing your children with a wide range of opportunities as we reconnect with learning and continue their studies into year 5.


The staff working in Year 5 this year are Mrs Clayton, Mr Hiley, Mrs Hinkley, Mrs Prescott with support from Mrs Brown and Mr Clarke.

Music will be supported by Mr. Smith from SIPS Music and Arts. (Thursday afternoons) PE. will be taught by our in-school Sports Coaches. Remember to wear you PE kit to school on the days you have PE.


5MH Wednesday and Friday

5FC Monday and Wednesday


In order to meet guidelines we stagger the start and end of our days.

5FC arrive at 8.45 and leave at 3.15.

5MH/SH arrive at 9.00 and leave at 3.30.

We ask politely that parents meet social distancing requirements at theses times and arrange for children and leave at the times allocated.



We thank you in advance for your support and hope that we can join forces with you to enable our pupils to reach their full potential.

Please feel free to keep checking the website during the school year for Year 5  updates. 


Many thanks,

Year 5 staff

The homework policy of the school has had to be modified in order that the risk of the Covid 19 virus spreading through contact with shared items is reduced. This impacts greatly on what we send home to you, and what is expected to be returned. Until further notice the Homework set for Year 5 will be as detailed below.

Year 5 Home Learning


New Practice

How often?


The practice of taking our graded reading books home and returning daily cannot be continued at this time.

In order to support home reading Year 5 children will be expected to access Reading Plus, a differentiated set of materials proven to raise attainment in Reading



Children may also access chapter books in Purple Mash..Serial Mash.

Each chapter has an attached activity.

Parents without access to IT at home must let School know so that a printed copy will be produced.





A free choice Library book will be loaned for a period of four weeks. This is to be read for enjoyment. Books are to be returned on set dates where they will be safely stored for a period before being returned to shelves.




Reading Plus should be used at least 3 times a week.





Children using Serial Mash should read a chapter of each book, each weekday night and complete the tasks set.

We encourage parents to read alongside their child.




Library books are for enjoyment. They can be read and reread, or children may choose a book that they want their parent/carer to read to them.


Spellings will continue to be set, but our expectation is that children practice with parents, without the need to return practice books.

Parents of children who do not do consistently well in tests will be contacted by teachers so that school can provide support.

A weekly list will be sent home every Monday, with the expectation that children practice these words for 10 minutes at least 3 times a week. Assessment of how successfully they have achieved will be made every Friday.


TT Rockstars/NumBots




A maths activity will be set fortnightly, alternating with an English activity.

At least 3 times a week. – Tested fortnightly on a Thursday


A fortnightly maths activity will be set - Set Friday, hand in Wednesday.


An English activity will be set fortnightly, alternating with an Maths activity.

A fortnightly English activity will be set. – Set Friday, hand in Wednesday.

Learning Projects

These projects have been hugely successful over recent years, in allowing children to be creative with their approach to homework. In order to mitigate Covid 19 spreading these projects are on hold until the Spring term.




Spelling lists 2019-2020

Spelling...A guide for parents

HJS Homework Policy

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