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Year 4 Information

A letter from Mrs Bartholomew to 4JB

A letter from Mr Baines to 4CB



The Year 4 teachers are Mr Baines (4CB) and Mrs Bartholomew (4JB). 


The Autumn Term was a busy and successful one. 'Mr Stink' was a focal point of English lessons and the children produced some excellent work based on that book. During the Spring Term, 'Charlotte's Web' drove the majority of the English Curriculum with newspaper articles produced based on the events of different chapters in the book. For the Summer Term, 'Tom's Midnight Garden' will be the focus and again the children will be producing excellent writing based on that text.


Maths lessons have covered all aspects of the curriculum so far with times tables being a focus. Towards the end of the year, the children will take an online times tables test with similar timings to 'TT Rockstars'. The children will be given approximately 5 seconds to type in their answer and there are 20/25 questions that span all times tables up to the 12 times table. Any additional work at home on this would be greatly appreciated.   


A quick reminder that PE kits should be in school everyday (named) and please send a named water bottle to keep in the class.


Please refer to the homework policy on the school website for homework guidance.


Thank you for your support.


Mr Baines & Mrs Bartholomew

The file below details the Learning project homework for the year. We hope that parents and children enjoy working together on the projects and that this timetable showing the choices of titles for the year allows time for preparation. We look forward to looking at the many varying ways the titles are approached. 

Parents and children are reminded that learning project homework can be tackled in a variety of ways. If you want some ideas please look at the file marked Learning Projects...A Guide

Learning Project Homework 2019 to 2020

Learning Projects...A Guide for parents.

Spelling ...A Guide for parents.

HJS Homework Policy