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Wellbeing week activities 01.02.21

Monday 1st February- Sunday 7th February 

Wellbeing Week 


Dear Hamstead Junior School pupils,

2020 and 2021 has so far been a year of anxieties and uncertainty and it has forced us all to look for the actual important things in life. Times have been tough. We have had to spend time apart from those we love, and it has caused us to miss our family and friends more than ever!

In tough times, we may lose sight of who we are and self doubt may set in. One of the most important 'things' in life is to have the assurance that you are ENOUGH.

As part of wellbeing week, I have attached a copy of the story of The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. This book is a gift. It is filled with life lessons that we all wish we knew. As you all grow up to be the lovely adults that we know you will be, remember, be kind to others- but especially yourself- love others- but especially love yourself! Remember to have the courage to ask for help when you hit a tough spot- this is everything. And last of all- ''If at first you don't succeed- have some cake''

Times are tough- but so are you! 

We all sincerely hope that you are all ok! Remember, we are here for you all smiley

Best Wishes, 

Miss Barnett and all of HJS staff x




Please read this book alone or even better share it with your family. Enjoy the adventures, the questions and the answers. Perhaps you could choose your favourite 'lesson' that you learn from reading this book and write it down and create a picture. 


I have also put a video of the song by Bruno Mars- Count On Me in the Video Resource Centre. This song is one Year 4, 5 and 6 have sung in school before with Mrs Clayton, and is all about counting on someone to be there when you need them most. You could listen to it, learn the lyrics and sing it to someone who can count on you.


For wellbeing week, I thought it would be lovely if you could perhaps make a phone call to someone, send a message or email them. Maybe you have the contact number of a friend from class who you are missing or a family member. Could you send them a message to check in on them and see how they are doing? Could you include a quote from the story 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse' that you liked and maybe make your friend or family member smile? We know that reaching out to someone is so important at the moment so take some time out to check in on someone you love and miss. 


We hope you are able to find time for some of these activities, and we hope that they make you feel that little bit happier heart


Have a lovely week!