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Week beginning 1st February

Let the new competition begin!

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Hello again Year 5! Welcome to week 5 of your remote learning!


We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend with your families. Hopefully you had lots of fun family time playing games, going for walks or maybe even bird watching for the RSPB's bird watch event. 


This week is national well-being week. To recognise this, there are some well-being activities for you to complete on the general remote learning page of the website (where all the year group options are). Please have a look. There's a lovely book there that you could read today for your reading for pleasure activity (The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse). It is a book all about our feelings and how we may feel towards others. Why not sit down as a family and read it or phone a loved one and read it to them? It's good to reach out and I bet your family that you haven't been able to see for a while (Nan, Grandad, Aunty, Uncle, cousin, etc) would love to hear from you and would enjoy reading the book with you. There are other activities too so have a look and see what you fancy doing.


It was lovely seeing so many of you log onto TTRockstars this week for the times tables competition. Lots of you were very competitive and did lots of practise to get your classes score up. A huge congratulations to............5FC for working that little bit harder and winning the competition! You are the first tournament winners of this year! We shall have another times tables tournament next week so 5MH can have a chance to beat 5FC (5FC....don't let them! We are the champions!yes


We know how hard you are working at home and we want to acknowledge this. Every week, we will be choosing 4 children from each class to receive a Remote Learning Award based on our Hamstead aims. Well done to our winners for last week; see their pictures below! 


Have a lovely week. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your work again this week. 


From Mrs Clayton and Miss Prescott. smiley


P.S. Don't forget to check out the video's on the video centre page. You shall find this weeks Greek story there too! 

Spelling homework for this week

Remote Learning Award Winners