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Week beginning 18th January

Welcome message

To view this week's video welcome message on the school website please visit:

- children;

- video resource centre;

- Year 6 remote learning.

Weekly Timetable

You will need to practise your spellings throughout the week. Use the different techniques that we use in school such as: Look, cover, write, check; finding the definitions of each work; writing sentences that use the words accurately.


In the week, on a Tuesday afternoon there is time to practise your spellings but remember little and often works well. On Friday, get somebody at home to test you on the spellings and see how successful you are. Good luck!

Reading Plus and TT rockstars


You must use Reading Plus at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes - we will be checking this each week to ensure that you are using it. In addition, you also need to rehearse your tables 3 times a week on TT rockstars for 15 minutes at a time. Again, this will be monitored in school.

Edible Playgrounds questionnaire

Over this week, can you please the questionnaire about gardening and email us your responses through the year six email address. When you open the documents, it does say Year 4 questionnaire but the questionnaire is the same for all year groups so please do not worry. 


Last year, we had edible gardens come into school and redesign our new garden area to encourage gardening and develop an understanding of food across the curriculum. Over the next couple of terms, Mrs Howard and Mrs Mercer are  looking forward to bringing the garden area to life and hopefully you will all get chance to use the garden as part of your learning. 


We look forward to seeing your responses and sharing them with the edible garden team. 



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