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Week 3 - 8th March

Last Week's Results

Year 3 - 300 minutes

Year 4 - 555 minutes

Year 5 - 1150 minutes

Year 6 - 320 minutes


Activity 1 - Positive Focus Sheets

Activity 2 - bubbles mindfulness colouring

Activity 3 - Breathing Activities

Activity 4


1. Ask someone to drop a feather and watch it very closely as it floats to the ground. Listen carefully to a piece of music and draw a line on a piece of paper which matches the feeling created by the music. 


2. Lie on your bac outside and close your eyes so you can use all your senses except for sight. Notice the feel of the air, the feel of the ground, the sounds that surround you and any smells that are present. 


3. Close your eyes and ask a partner to pass you an object that you can hold in your hands.  Touch and turn the object, describing each aspect in detail to your partner and then swap places.