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Week 1 - 22nd February

Mindfulness Activity Idea 1


Take two minutes to list all the positive things that have happened during your day.


Mindfulness Activity Idea 2


On your daily work, pick an object to focus on (for example: birds) and count how many times you see that object on your walk. Your mindfulness minutes for this activity is the amount of minutes you spend carrying out the activity on your work.


Mindfulness Activity Idea 3


Grow a plant or chose a plant that is already growing and look at it for 1 minute everyday to see if anything has changed.

Mindfulness Activity 4

1.Find a quiet place to sit down.

2. Hold the pencil in your hand and rest in on the first dot of the diagram.

3. Just breathe in and out for a few moments.

4. Start by drawing the first line. Do this slowly and make sure you take a whole breath to get from one dot to the next.

5. Breathe in, draw a line from one dot to the next.

6. Breathe out, draw a line from one dot to the next.

7. Keep doing this slowly until the dot-to-dot is completed.

8. You can now finish or perhaps do another dot-to-dot, just breathing and drawing.

See worksheet on the school website for the dot-to-dot pictures.

Mindfulness Activity 5 - mindfulness colouring