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Wednesday December 2nd


Write five questions you would like to ask the main characters in 'Goodnight Mister Tom': Will, Mr. Tom, Mrs Beech and Zach. Your questions must not be 'closed' questions (only require one answer or a yes/no answer); they should be 'open' questions where a detailed response is required, based on evidence from the text. For example, a question for Mr. Tom could be: 'If Willie had not come to live with you, what do you think your life would have been like?'.



Complete the 'Time Problems' sheet.



Today we were going to be using paint and colour to change the 'mood' of a piece of artwork. If you have access to some paints, choose a picture of a landscape (for example a sea landscape), sketch the landscape and then choose different shades of the same colour and paint it to create a certain 'mood'. For example, you may choose different shades of grey (using black and white) to create a 'dark' mood.