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Tuesday 05th January

Good morning,

Please find attached the work for today. Complete the work on paper or in your home-learning book and bring it into school when you return. You can also email all work through the 'keep in touch' email address and we will reply with feedback. It is expected that all work is completed at home and that a copy is available for us to look at. If there is any questions regarding the work, please email the 'keep in touch' email and we will do our best to answer any questions and provide feedback.


As well as completing the activities below, you will also need to complete 30 minutes of Reading Plus+ and 15 minutes on TT Rockstar's.

Please open the poem for your literacy group and then annotate the poem with the figurative language that is included. See sheet for each group's task as they are slightly different. Use the figurative language poster to help remind yourself of all the features.

Today you must:

- complete 15 minutes of TT Rock stars;

- complete task 1 (four fluency);

- complete worksheet linked to identifying 2D shapes.

(Use the video to recap the names of 2D shapes)

Open the unlabelled map and then annotate it using the given key. You may need to use an online map to help you locate different places around the world. After completing the map, read the text for your group and answer the relevant questions.