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This challenge is all about you and what you do in your free time. We would like to challenge you to learn a new skill – something you can’t currently do. It could be related to something you already do, for example if you already knit can you learn to crochet, or if you currently like to paint can you use charcoal – or it can be something completely new. Is there something you have always wanted to be able to do? Have a go and tell us about it. Remember it’s the having a go that’s important, you don’t need to become a world expert in whatever it is, we just want to challenge you to start on that journey.

Rather than suggestions for this challenge we wanted to share with you new skills that the governors are currently having a go at:

  • One governor is learning to speak Polish
  • One governor is learning to do yoga.
  • Two governors are learning about our local canal network and walking as much of it as they can.
  • One governor is learning to be more mindful.
  • One governor is trying to bake their way around the UK!