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Transition Year 3

Hello to the children and parents of Year 2. We are very much looking forward to meeting you when you start at Hamstead Junior School. This TAB of our site is just for you and we hope that you find it really useful at this time, when contact with your present school and your new school is more difficult than it normally is. If there is any information you think would be useful to have on our site, please contact school through the admin email address so that we can attempt to meet your wishes.


Some activities for you to do at home.


We want to help you during the time you are waiting to start at HJS. Below you will find activities we would love you to do and send to


These will be used by your teacher so that when you start at HJS, they will know a little more about you. We look forward to viewing your Home Learning. 


Activity One...'This is Me'

This will tell your teacher all about you. Use the document below to make a 'This is me' cube. Complete each of the faces with facts about you. When you complete the cube, save it and send to with Year 2 cube in the title bar.

You could also print it out if you have a printer at home, decorate the cube and make your own cube which you can bring into school on your first day.

If you prefer, you can use the headings and make your own 'This is me' poster.


Activity Two..'This is Me' Part 2.

Work with somebody in your family and take a photograph of yourself doing something you like. We would love to display these in school so that the Year 3 corridor showcases all of your talents and interests.

If you have a computer, paste your picture into the frame and then send it to us. If you only have access to a phone, take your photo and send it with your name to with Year 2 Photo in the title bar.


Activity Three...Retelling a familiar story.

Please ask your parents if you can watch a clip of the story Rumplestiltskin. Use this link :


This is an animated version with text written as subtitles. We would like you to retell the story either as a piece of writing or by making a storyboard. If you can complete this on a computer, send it to so we can read it. If you are unable to send your story, bring it with you when you start school.


If you are a particularly good writer and enjoy writing stories, you can also write a story entitled, 'What Rumplestiltskin Did Next.' Send this so we can enjoy reading it.


Activity Four...Letter/email to my teacher.

Use some of the information from your 'This is me' cube to write a short letter or email to your teacher telling them all about you. Tell them all of the things you are good at and the things you would like to get better at. 

We know that you do not know who will be teaching you yet, but we promise to let you know as soon as we can.


Activity Five..Mrs Pepperpot.

During the Autumn term, Year 3 children read some Mrs. Pepperpot Stories as their class reader. Please listen to this story for pleasure. If you can, discuss the story with an older brother/sister, your parents or your grandparents.

(To parents...please monitor your child's use of Youtube).


Activity Six...Storytime.

We love reading at Hamstead Junior School and think you will enjoy listening to some of these short stories. The stories are traditional tales, fables and legends. When you have listened to them, talk about them with your parents and complete a review sheet of one of them (see the documents below).

Send you reviews to with Book Review as the title.

(To parents...please monitor your child's use of Youtube).

This is me...what do you love to do?

It is not compulsory that uniform has our school logo on, if you wish to, please see the link below for Uniform Plus.

All we ask is that children are in the school colours. Polo shirts, cardigans and jumpers can be plain.

What do we learn in Year 3 ?