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Staying active is important. This challenge is about being physically active in whatever way you choose. You may want to learn to do something you can not currently do. You might want to set yourself a challenge to do something for a specific period of time. Alternatively, if you already do something active you might want to develop that to a new level or gain an award or qualification.

Some suggestions for this challenge would be:

  • Learn to swim.
  • Learn to ride a bike.
  • If you already do a sport or dance activity, can you achieve an award in it?
  • Can you complete the daily mile for a whole month?
  • Can you take part in a sporting event?
  • Can you achieve a place in a sports team?
  • Can you improve your time in walking or running over a set distance?
  • Can you go on a hike with friends or family?
  • Can you climb a mountain?