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On line Safety Links


School strongly recommends that parents take an ' Over the Shoulder' approach to ensuring that their children are making safe use of IT. There are endless positive uses of online activity but also very serious dangers that are opened up to children when using PCs, tablets, Telephones and games.


School IT has firewalls in place which filter out unsuitable content and monitors use of computer hardware. Mobile phones are not allowed be used by children on the school site, with any phone brought into school safely stored until the end of the school day.


Please work with  us to safeguard your child by taking an 'Over the Shoulder' supporting position, not allowing access to sites not age appropriate to your child, not allowing online games to be participated in that are not designed for the age of your child, and ensuring that parental controls are applied to devices.


The following links are for parents seeking advice on aspects of on line safety. The content is from recommended providers but is not written or controlled by Hamstead Junior School. We hope that the information included helps parents in ensuring that children are safe when involved in on line activities.

TikTok Advice and Support from West Midlands Police.

Added June 17th 2020

TikTok is a social media platform adored by young people and although there is an age restriction of 13 it is more commonly used by younger children. West Midlands Police have forwarded a brief guide to offer support for parents so they are able to monitor the child’s account and ensure safety is a priority. We hope that parents and carers find this guidance useful.

Tik Tok support for parents

Information for Parents: Help your Child make positive Cyber Choices


The Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) has shared a helpful link to an advice website for parents to assist them in keeping children safe online. ROCU has asked if this can be shared through our website so that parents have access.