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Sports Morning Report

Thank you to all of the children for taking part in their event/ events and for supporting their House team. A massive thank you to parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, brother, sisters, ex pupils etc who turned out in such impressive numbers to support the morning. As always a great atmosphere was created and we hope that all enjoyed the morning of sport.

Upper School Results:

1st Blue Team 164 Points

2nd Yellow Team 157 Points

3rd Green Team 112 Points

4th Red Team 51 Points


Lower School Results:

1st Blue Team 147 Points

2nd Yellow Team 138 Points

3rd Green Team 103 Points

4th Red Team 102 Points


Remarkably the House teams finished in exactly the same order in both Upper and Lower School, leaving the BLUE team as winners in both and therefore champions overall. Well done to all of the teams.


Combined Totals

1st Blue Team...…...311 Points

2nd Yellow Team.....295 Points

3rd Green Team......215 Points

4th Red Team...…..153 Points