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September 2020

Children in all years return to HJS tomorrow, Wednesday September 2nd. Can parents please work with the school in ensuring that children arrive for school at the times published last July and arrive at the gates indicated. It is a very important part of procedures  put in place to mitigate the risk of infection that these arrangements are kept to. There can be no exceptions to these arrival and departure times. Please note that if a child is being collected and you are late to collect them they will not be allowed to wait inside school as previously practiced.

Parents are reminded that the only items to be brought to school is a lunchbox and a drink. Children do not need to bring any other item as we have arranged packs of pencils, pens etc which will not be shared with others.

We look forward to reconnecting our children with their learning as we restart school.


Entrance / Exit reninders

The following classes arrive for school at 8.45 and leave at 3.15.

Class 3JB, Class 4CB, Class 5FC, Class 6SM


The following classes arrive 15 minutes later at 9.00 and leave at 3.30.

Class 3JC, Class 4JB, Class 5MH (Please note that Mr Hiley is presently absent and the class will be taught by Mrs Hinkley on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and a new teacher to the school on Monday and Friday) Class 6SK



Year 3 Playground entrance. Walk down the left hand side of the shared driveway to the HJS playground entrance and use the space as far as the Blue Hut to wait with your child.) So as to avoid large crowds with HIS parents please leave school again keeping to the left of the driveway.


Year 4 Tanhouse Avenue entrance/exit.


Year 5 Hamstead Road lower entrance/exit (This has not been used for some time and may be unfamiliar to our children. It is the gate below the Main entrance driveway)


Year 6 Hamstead Road Zebra Crossing entrance/exit.


Please note that all children will use hand sanitiser on entrance and exit from school and at various times across the day, washing hands at regular intervals. 


Thanks you for your support in working positively with school to keep all of your children safe, whilst also following guidelines to increase the safety of all children, parents and staff.