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Reading plus

17th November 2020

Dear Year 4,5 and 6 parents,


This letter is to raise your awareness of the online application Reading Plus, which we subscribe to as a school as we have seen the very positive impact it has had on the reading development of previous children at Hamstead Junior School.

The strength of Reading Plus is that it is fully personalised and allows all children to be challenged at their level.


Children complete an assessment on their first use of the program which measures:

How they feel about reading;

Their level of vocabulary;

The way they read and what they understand


This assessment sets the starting level so that each child is suitably challenged.


The dashboard is then made up of 3 activities:

                                                Reading – see reader


                                                Visual Skills


By ensuring that your child visits this online resource at home for the number of times as set out in the homework guidance for your child’s year group, you are playing a great part in helping them develop their lifelong reading skills.


The aim is for children to move through the levels/stages as they progress. This can only be achieved by regular use and by children showing good understanding of the activity tackled.


Usage and progress is viewed by staff weekly and this program is an important part of the school’s attempts to allow children to ‘catch up’ on lost learning. The dashboard for your child will also allow you to view their development.


Please can we ask that you support your child in accessing this invaluable resource.


If parents would like more information about this resource please visit the school website, at and visit the Children Tab, Class Pages and then your child’s year group page.


Below, there is a Reading Plus section which has information and a video for parents.


How often (minimum) should my child tackle Reading Plus activities at home?


The homework expectation for all children in years 4, 5 and 6 is that they access Reading Plus at least 3 times a week, completing 1 Reading activity and 1 Vocabulary activity on each visit.


Clearly, if your child wants to visit more frequently or tackle more tasks each visit this is likely to increase their rate of progression.


Thank you to parents for supporting this important element of homework. In doing so we are meeting the aim of our school to work, learn and achieve together.