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Covid 19

A second positive test result of a child at HJS was received today. The child in question is a member of the class where our first case was confirmed. The only other children/staff affected by this notification belong to the same Before/After School Club bubble that this child is a member of. They are now to isolate for 14 days, as per the national guidelines.


Can we ask all parents to be aware of the guidelines and follow them in order to protect their children, their family and the wider community?


A reminder that if a household member is displaying symptoms they should be tested. If we send a child home because they are presenting symptoms they should be tested and should not return until test results are received.

When a member of your house has a test all members of the household should isolate UNTIL a test result is gained. If this is negative then all members can resume school/work etc. If a positive result is returned then all in the house should isolate for the period stated by NHS guidelines.. School and workplaces should be informed immediately as part of an effective tracking system.


School will alert parents immediately if their child's bubble is in contact with any affected child.


Once again, thank you for your understanding and support.


Head Teacher