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A letter from the Local Authority

Advice for Halloween


We hope that you are all keeping safe and well in these challenging times.


You will probably be aware that the government has announced new coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, naming Sandwell and many other areas in our region as a ‘High Alert’ zone. Unfortunately, we are seeing a rapid rise in the numbers of people being taken to hospital and dying after becoming infected.


With COVID-19 infection rates high across Sandwell, we therefore need to give some advice about Halloween.


At this time of year many families will be preparing for Halloween at the end of October. There is no reason why this annual event cannot be celebrated in your own home or garden with people you live with.


However, in light of the government restrictions because of the high infection rates, we believe it is far better for your children not to call at other houses to trick or treat as this will increase the risk of infection, either to your children and family or to people answering the door.


While we know this may be disappointing for some children who enjoy trick or treating’, please stay safe, protect yourselves and others and look at alternative, safe ways to celebrate Halloween this year.


Remember, the more cases there are, the greater the risk of passing on the virus, especially to older and vulnerable people in your family or neighbourhood who are at a much higher risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19. 


Please also be aware that the current government restrictions for Sandwell prevent people from different households mixing inside each other’s homes. And people from different households are not allowed to meet outdoors in groups of more than six. Visit for more details about the government restrictions.


We would like to thank all parents and carers for their ongoing support to schools this term. Schools have detailed infection control measures in place and, while we are seeing cases among some children and staff, the risk of an outbreak is significantly reduced by everyone following the guidance issued by your school, public health and the government.


If your child has been sent home to self-isolate because of a confirmed case in their school, please keep your children at home and play your part in stopping the spread of the virus.


Thank you again for your assistance during these difficult times.


Yours faithfully,


Sandwell Local Authority