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A good news story

Amid all the challenges that we all face at the moment it is only right that we celebrate the good news, praise the positive and applaud the children in our school that show their character. School is delighted to report to parents that we received a very complimentary phone call yesterday, praising four Year 6 girls.

On the way to school yesterday the girls noticed a lady drop money onto the ground. The girls retrieved the £70 and returned it to the lady, who was most grateful and thanked the girls by giving them £5. The four girls decided that they did not need rewarding for their actions and have decided to donate the money to the next charity the school supports.

We are immensely proud of them and thought that their actions should also be recognised by making the community aware of our four excellent citizens.

Well done to Jaspreet, Kaylie,Mazie and Ahana.