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Staff for 2018-2019


Head Teacher: Mr T. Bowen.


Deputy Head Teacher: Mr N. Fowler.


Year 3 Teaching Staff: Mrs J.Curley and Mr M. Hiley.

Year 4 Teaching Staff: Mrs J. Batholomew and Mr C. Baines

Year 5 Teaching Staff: Miss S. Weaver and Mrs F.Clayton

Year 6 Teaching Staff: Mrs S. Hinkley , Mrs S. Mercer and Mrs S. Kaur


Teaching staff working across Year groups: Mr N. Fowler and Miss J. Barnett



Special Needs Co-ordinator: Mrs J. Harding.


Teaching Support staff:


Learning Support Practitioners:

Mrs J. Brown, Ms R. Harper and Miss A Lilley.

Learning Support Assistant:

Mr P. Clarke


Office Staff:

Office Manager: Mrs S. Harris.

Office Team:  Miss S. Fellows



Caretaking and Cleaning Staff:

Caretaker: Mr D.Harris

Cleaning Staff: Mrs B Kaur,  Mrs K. Round and Mrs A Print.


Lunch Time Supervisors:

Principal Supervisor: Mrs K. Busby

Lunchtime Assistants: Mrs A. Print, Mrs A Ebanks, Mrs K. Summers, Mrs P. Kaur, Miss P Karra and Mrs A Dhanoa


Regular visiting staff:

Music teachers: Mr J.Cockshott (Thursday year 3 ukulele) Mr  D. Singh Rattan(Tuesday year 4 percussion) Mr B.Smith (Thursday year 5 clarinet) Mrs W. Callagan (Friday year 6 keyboards)

Sports Coaches: Mr L. Passmore (Monday and Tuesday) Miss L. Gomery (Friday)