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At HJS we aim to prepare our pupils to be numerate and be ready to learn and apply mathematical life skills for use in future life. We want our pupils to develop confidence and a positive mindset ready to face new challenges.


Practical Maths

We encourage our pupils to learn mathematical concepts through the use of practical and visual resources and equipment. These help our learners embed concepts before becoming more fluent with skills and then applying their learning to new challenges. Pupils and staff enjoy these sessions and our learning is displayed in our Maths in Action year group books.


Sequenced learning

Pupils work through different mathematical topics that are developed through a sequenced series of sessions. Pupils are introduced to new vocabulary and concepts and build on these through a mixture of practical, visual and written learning. Problem solving and reasoning are developed at different times within these topics through tasks and questioning. Skills, concepts and learning are progressed throughout the year groups and we aim to deepen our pupils' understanding before moving them on to the next stage of their learning. We have opportunities to revisit learning and show their retention of concepts through activities such as Four Fluency (arithmetic skills).


Linking Maths to Enterprise

There are times throughout a pupil's time with us where they will be part of Enterprise Challenges. Each year group organises an event or activity to develop key Enterprise skills. Pupils apply their maths skills within these challenges by organising budgets; calculating profits and pricing. Pupils begin to see 'maths' come alive in real-life. Successful year groups get to choose how to spend any profit made!




TT Rockstars

We teach times-table facts weekly in school to help pupils become more fluent and confidence with these essential facts. TT Rockstars is used across school to support the learning of their times-table and division facts. This on-line program allows pupils to practice and retain key facts by increasing their Rockstar speed in order to become a ROCK HERO.

We reward pupils for their achievements and progress with certificates which are presented in assemblies. We have also organised Class and Individual 'battles' to find our times-table superstars.



Over the year we offer different parental workshops to allow parents to help support their child's learning at home. Sessions vary from number work, times-tables and fractions. Workshops are well attended and offer first-hand experiences of strategies and activities we cover at HJS.


'A very engaging and fun workshop. Happy children, happy parent! Thank you.' Year 3 Parent



Pupils from Year 3 through to Year 6 recently enjoyed a Maths Club with Mr Fowler and Mrs Howard. Each week we looked forward to new challenges and puzzles. We used our skills and learning to work together to solve these!