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Scholars visit to Lady Margaret Hall Oxford - October 2022

The Scholars Programme

The Year 6 children who were invited to take part in the programme have graduated this week. They have found the experience both challenging and rewarding! It has provided them with the opportunity to experience a university-style project which was delivered by a PHD tutor. 


Well done, you should all be proud of your achievement!

Rock Band Year 6

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The pupils involved in the SIPS Music and Arts Service Whole Class Rock Band at Hamstead Junior School Year 6, have finished a half term project of writing their own song and helping to make a lyric video. The pupils came up with the lyrical content, and the song melody line, as well as some of the other instrumental parts. They did a great job producing two good sounding songs!


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The children have had a brilliant last day today exploring the beach and gorge walking. 

The children have had another fantastic day exploring in Wales. They have now all completed a mountain walk, abseiling and canoeing. The staff and children have all conquered some fears so far this week and are looking forward to another full day of adventure. 

The children have had a fantastic day today exploring their home for the week. Many have started to overcome their fears and many have certainly taken themselves outside of their comfort zones. From mountain walking, night walking, abseiling and canoeing, to helping with the duties around the center. They working well and supporting each other and generally having an exciting time. 

Rainforest Day Year 3

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Rainforest Day Year 3


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Here is a video of this morning's STONE AGE DAY activities for you all to watch!

The children have enjoyed:
*Foraging for fruits and creating cave paintings
*Learning about fossilisation and looking at fossils
*Learning about the layers of soil
*Digging for historical artefacts
*Researching interesting facts about the ages
*Creating Stone Age jewellery
*Excavating dinosaurs

Today has been so much fun so far, and we are looking forward to continuing the activities this afternoon!

We hope you enjoy watching the video, and share it with your children at home.

Year 3 staff and children :)

STONE AGE DAY Afternoon video

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Afternoon video