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Governor Challenges

Welcome to the Governor Challenge page! We are excited to see you here. Life is a little strange for all of us at the moment isn’t it and unfortunately that means we are not allowed to come into school and see you as we normally would. We are staying in touch via Governor Visits via your whiteboard, but we also wanted to enjoy some of the things that we usually get to enjoy with you such as cooking and gardening. You will have received your Opportunities & Challenges cards in school. We hope you are excited about them. One line has the opportunities that you will enjoy with your classmates this academic year. The other line features a series of Governor Challenges that we hope you will have fun completing over the year alongside those opportunities.

We hope that you will have a lot of fun completing a challenge from each category – of course there is no limit, you could do all of them! When you have completed a challenge under one of the categories send us a photograph or something like that that shows us what you have done. You can send your evidence direct to governors by using our own special email address…

We can’t wait to hear from you!!


Ready? Read on below to see the things that we challenge you to do!