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The Governing Board of Hamstead Junior School welcomes your interest. The Governing Board is made up of people who work with the staff and parents of the school to ensure that the children of HJS have the best possible opportunities to meet their potential.

The Governing Board is made up of the following people:


Mrs L. Howard


Vice Chairs

Mrs R. Hill and Mrs H. Taylor


Parent Governors

Mr S. Heer

Mr G. Dubay


Local Authority Governors



Staff Governor

Mrs S.Kaur


Head Teacher Governor

Mr T.Bowen


Co-opted Governors

Mrs R. Hill

Miss C. Barnes

Mrs L. Howard

Mrs H. Taylor

Mrs S. Whitehouse

Mrs A Hughes


Associate Member

Mr N. Fowler

Clerk to Governors

Mrs L. Angell


Staffing and Premises Committee Members

Mrs R. Hill (Chair)

Mr S. Heer

Mrs L. Howard

Mrs S. Whitehouse

Mr T. Bowen

Miss C. Barnes

Mrs A. Hughes

Mr N. Fowler


Quality of education Committee Members

Mrs H. Taylor (Chair)

Mrs L. Howard

Mrs A. Hughes

Mr G. Dubay

Mrs S. Kaur

Mr T. Bowen

Mr N. Fowler



Special Responsibility Governors.

Safeguarding/ Child Protection Governor...Mrs L. Howard

Vulnerable Groups and Pupil Voice Governors...Mrs L. Howard, Mrs H. Taylor and Mrs A. Hughes

Health and Safety Governor...Mrs R. Hill

Safer Recruitment Governors...Mr T. Bowen, Mr N. Fowler, Mrs L. Howard and Mrs H. Taylor

GDPR Governor...Mrs S. Whitehouse

Arts and Culture Governor...Mr G. Dubay

Edible Gardens Governor...Miss C. Barnes

Parental Engagement Governor...Mrs S. Kaur



Year Group Governors


Year 3 Mrs R. Hill

Year 4 Mrs A. Hughes

Year 5 Miss C. Barnes

Year 6  Mrs S Whitehouse



Pay Committee and Head Teacher Performance Management

Mrs L. Howard

Mrs H. Taylor

Mrs R. Hill



A letter from the Chair of Governors.

I am extremely proud to be the chair of the governing body of Hamstead Junior School. As governors we are committed to working as part of a group of people dedicated to making our school the very best that it can be, thereby ensuring that every child learns and grows in a safe environment where they are happy,  inspired and challenged to achieve to the best of their ability.


We believe that we all have an important part to play in realising our School Vision. Education is not something that is just for teachers. We can and must all work together to secure for all our children the very best possible start in life.


Our school is enormously lucky to be led by Mr Bowen who, supported by Mr Fowler, works tirelessly to instil within our entire school staff his own ambition for each and every child - that they should reach their full potential in every aspect of their development.  I am confident that under their strong and decisive leadership Hamstead is secured a bright and successful future.


We look forward to standing and working alongside you during the years that your child is a part of that future.


Lynn Howard


Governor attendance record at meetings 2018 to 2019

Governor Register of Interests