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Governors In School

Members of the Governing Body are dedicated in their support of the school.

All Governors give considerable time and energy to attending regular Committee meetings but involvement in School  goes far beyond attending meetings when the school is free of children. HJS Governors work with and alongside our children so that Governors contribute fully to School and gain an impressive overview of what school is like.


Governors and the School Council Teams.

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Howard works with pupils in different councils (School Council, Wellbeing Champions and Eco-Councillors) to make sure that School councillors take a very active part in decision making and supporting pupils. 


Governor work in classes.

Governors regularly work with pupils in classes to support the learning of children and become even more aware of the richness and challenge of the curriculum offered at HJS.


Subject linked Governors.

Each year group has a linked Governor who visits across the year. Governors also attend special events such as Arts week, Shakespeare week, music concerts and special assemblies.



Following the first National Lockdown period, Governors were keen to support school in aiming to get pupils to  're-connect' with their learning. Governors (supported by staff) were involved in generating a wider range of learning challenges and experiences for our pupils and their families to enjoy. Governors created different challenges (Outdoor, Creative, Writing, Cooking and Gardening) which offer opportunities for our children to engage in new experiences. These form part of our 'Promises and Challenges' cards for 2020-21. 


The Governor Free Reading Challenge.

In 2019 Governors supported the our School with the introduction of the 'Free Reading Challenge'. In order to challenge our more-able readers, school purchased high-quality, recommended reading books so that each class in each year had 30 books to challenge our free readers. In order to provide further challenge, 6 questions were set by School to check the understanding of these books by our children. Therefore, to provide these six questions, all 120 books needed to be read by members of the Governing Body - a mammoth task in itself! It is great to report that the work was very worthwhile, as our children regularly discuss books with the named Governor on the question sheet who has read the book.


Broadening Horizons

In 2020 Governors looked to support staff in broadening the horizons of our children. The project on 'Inspirations and Aspirations' was supported by Governors as they met with pupils and tried to engage with parents and the community in order to raise the awareness and aspirations of our children on life after school.