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Governors In School

Members of the Governing Body are dedicated in their support of the school.

All Governors give considerable time and energy to attending regular Committee meetings but involvement in School  goes far beyond attending meetings when the school is free of children. HJS Governors work with and alongside our children so that Governors contribute fully to School and gain an impressive overview of what school is like.


Governor Challenges.

In 2015 Governors have set three challenges to children.


Autumn The Governor Reading Challenge.

The responses from children are displayed around the school.


Spring The Governor Writing Challenge

All children wrote a story which were judged by Governors. The 8 winning entries can be accessed by visiting the Children Class Pages tab of this site. Stories are displayed in school, with the winners invited to work alongside Governors in the National cookathon.


Summer. The Governor garden challenge.

All classes are challenged to create a great garden within the school grounds.


Governors and the School Council.

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Howard work with children and Mr Fowler to make sure that School councillors take a very active part in decision making. School councillors attended the Sandwell Shape Conference this year.


Governor Clubs.

Mrs Howard and Mrs Taylor have worked with children in all year groups at after school cookery clubs this year. The results have been scrumptious.


Governor Reading Groups.

Governors have worked with children in school, developing the love and enjoyment of reading.


Governor work in classes.

Governors regularly work with children in classes to support the learning of children and become even more aware of the richness and challenge of the curriculum offered at HJS.



Governor maths Games Library.

Maths Games, used by children in Years 3 and 4, are organised by Mrs Skerritt and Mrs Howard, with a system of loans managed so that children are able to have fun playing games whilst also developing and practicing their maths skills.



Governors and the Year 6 trial.

In 2015 Mrs Howard and Mr Fowler (senior) led Year 6 children through a mock trial so that children developed a very good understanding of how the legal system worked. This was very successful and is to be repeated in Summer 2016.


LO Hamstead.

In 2015  a group of Year 6 children worked with Mrs Howard and Mr Bowen to produce two issues of LO Hamstead. This was a child produced newspaper distributed freely to all families. The children were successful in winning the Q3 Academy Enterprise challenge. The judges of this local event recognising the hard work and contribution of the children to set up a very impressive newspaper.

A larger group of Year 6 children are now working on this year's summer edition.



Curriculum Committee Governors.

The Governors on this committee regularly look at the work produced by children and also meet with children to talk about their learning. Findings and observations can then be fed back at meetings of the Full Governing Body.



Subject linked Governors.

Each year group has a linked Governor who visits across the year. Governors also attend special events such as Art week, Shakespeare week, music concerts and special assemblies.


The Governor termly Newsletter to parents

Termly newsletters are produced reporting to parents on Governor involvement in school and making parents aware of how Governors work to support and challenge all staff. Copies of these Newsletters are reproduced below but can also be found with all other newsletters on the school website.