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Governor Challenge Award

Governor Challenge Award 2021-22

Hello everybody and welcome to the homepage of the Governor Challenge Award 2021-22. Come on are most welcome!

Last year we set you a series of different challenges which we combined with opportunities available to you in school. This year we want to build on the challenge part and have devised the Hamstead Junior School Governor Challenge Award - with our own badge and everything!


To receive the inaugural award, we would like you to complete 5 new challenges. The areas we have chosen represent different aspects of life that we think are important to ensure our own and your wellbeing and which we hope will help you to lead a happy and fulfilling life. They all represent our school vision and values and getting involved will help to make our school and its' community a better place.

Above all we hope you and your families will have a lot of fun!


The challenge areas this year are:


            Community        Environmental      Explorer          Physical           Skills


Click on the badges below to find out more about the individual areas and to see our suggestions of the sort of things that you could do to complete that particular challenge.

This year we are asking you to tell us a little bit more about the challenge you have completed than you had to tell us last year. You will need to answer the following questions about what you have done. You can do that by completing the form that you can collect from your classroom or in whatever form you like. You might want to write it all down and provide photos or drawings or you might prefer to come and talk to us about it. Whatever way you choose to provide your evidence you will need to tell us:

Who you are and what class you are in.

What challenge have you completed and what did you do.

Why did you choose the activity you have done in order to complete that particular challenge.

Why do you think that activity meets the challenge brief.

What have you learnt as a result of completing the challenge.


When you have completed your challenge you can either bring your evidence in to school and hand it to one of us or leave it in the Governor Box in the library area, or alternatively you can ask an adult to email it to us at

When you have completed all 5 challenges you will receive the Award and your name will appear on the Role of Fame button below for all to see.

Good luck!

Ready? Read on below to see the things that we challenge you to do!