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At HJS we aim to prepare our pupils to have a sound understanding of the world they live in. We aim to provide children with a rich, broad and balanced learning experience so that they can meaningfully develop and deepen their understanding and application of geography knowledge and skills.


Human and Physical Geography

Over the year, pupils have the opportunity to study subjects that enable them to develop their knowledge and skills within both human and physical geography. While physical geography looks at the natural processes of the earth such as plate tectonics (studied in Year 5 within the Volcanoes and Earthquakes unit), human geography looks at the impact and behaviour of people and how they relate to the physical world such as plastic pollution in our oceans (studied in Year 3 within the Becoming an Ocean Explorer unit). At HJS we believe that pupils should experience a balanced geography education with topics that enable them to develop their skills across both human and physical geography.



Throughout their time at HJS, pupils will experience a wide variety of fieldwork activities. At HJS we believe fieldwork is an essential aspect of our pupil’s geography education and believe that it allows pupils to develop skills that cannot be developed in the classroom alone. During their time at HJS, all pupils will complete fieldwork every year relating to maps. In addition, in Year 4, pupils will complete extensive fieldwork relating to rivers using the river local to our school (The River Tame).


What is happening in Geography?


Throughout the school year, pupils at HJS take part in two geography curriculum days. The two days, which are designated to geography learning, give the pupils the opportunity to develop their geography knowledge and skills in different contexts.

Continents day

Early in the autumn term, all pupils from Year 3 through to Year 6 take part in continents day. Continents day enables pupils to develop an understanding of places across the world and make comparisons to their own location. Throughout the day, pupils will take part in map work and look at the continents culture and traditions. Activities throughout the day will be as practical as possible for example in Year 6 pupils make African Tribal Masks and experiment with African music whereas in Year 4 pupils design and make their own Totem poles.


Countries day

At HJS, countries day is celebrated during the summer term. Again, as with continents day, pupils will spend a whole day developing their understanding of a country which is located within the continent they learnt about in the autumn term. Throughout the day, pupils will develop their geographical enquiry skills and their factual knowledge. Activities throughout the day will be as practical as possible and most year groups will have a session where they cook or taste traditional foods from the country they are learning about.


Eco-School Club

At the start of each year, pupils from Year 3 through to Year 6 have the opportunity to apply to become an eco-school councillor. An Eco-schools club is then run termly by Mrs Mercer where the pupils engage in activities that empower our children to improve the environment. This year we are going to be aiming to gain our bronze eco-schools award.


At HJS our aim is that all our pupils have a curiosity and fascination about the world in which we live.