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In the past we have very much enjoyed joining some of you in after school or lunchtime gardening activities. Again, we wanted that to carry on, so all children are now also part of Governor Gardening Club!

Have a go at growing something at home. Here are some growing challenges as a starting point:

  • Plant a bulb and nurture it until the spring.
  • Grow cress.
  • Grow a sunflower.
  • Plant a vegetable crop of your choice and see what you can grow.
  • Plant a mini herb garden.
  • Plant a rainbow flower bed.

Again, if you do not have access to a garden there are plenty of ways that you can still take part. Try one of these:

  • Design your perfect garden.
  • Choose a plant, research how you would care for it and let us know.
  • Visit a garden and tell us what is growing in it.