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Friday 26th February 2021

This Weeks Ancient Greek Myth Story

You can read this for fun this week (I've not made any work based on it). I have recorded myself reading it on the Video Centre page (where I normally put them) for you to follow whilst I read if you want to. There's two famous sayings that come from this story about Achilles. Can you work out what they are? (The answers are on my video). 

Well-being Activity


Remember- this week we are competing in the 'Mindfulness Minutes Campaign'. If you have completed anything throughout the week for your well-being, please email us how long you have spent so we can total up the year groups score. This week, you can choose what you want to do for your well-being. You may want to take a walk, play a board game, learn a new dance, listen to music, read a book, listen to the Greek Myth story, do some colouring in, bake a cake, etc. You can choose what you want to do and spend as long as you like doing the activity (the longer you complete the activity, the better for our scores). If a trusted adult takes a photo of you completing the activity, we shall make a slideshow of us completing the activities next week. 


We hope you all have a lovely weekend. Only 1 week left until we are all back in school together!!! smiley

From Mrs Clayton and Miss Prescott.