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Equality Objectives

Parents may wish to visit the Policy section of the website to access the full School Single Equality Policy. This outlines policy, reports Equality Information and states the objectives reproduced above. The Policy can be found under the 'Facilities and Governance Tab'.


Equality Objective One:


To raise the attainment and increase the progress of our Pupil Premium Eligible pupils.



The attainment gap between children eligible for pupil premium funding and those not eligible varies from cohort to cohort. However in general children eligible for pupil premium, both nationally and at HJS fall below the attainment levels of their peers. In order to reduce or narrow this gap, school must aim to raise the attainment of our most vulnerable pupils.



Quality first teaching will impact on all children.

Clear focus, through planning and monitoring, on raising attainment of PP eligible children.

Staffing to be deployed with a focus on supporting (in class) identified focus pupils.

Provision of activities to widen life experiences of PP children.



That the gap in attainment of each cohort is narrowed when compared to comparative in school data e.g. compare each cohort against itself, rather than an external measure.


Equality Objective Two:


For EAL pupils to be more able to access and engage in the curriculum, with a particular focus on children arriving at school other than at the start of Year 3 with EAL issues which prevent them from thriving.



Data shows that at least 19 different first languages are identified within our current cohort of children. With a strong emphasis on the expectations of the National Curriculum, the barrier of language remains huge in restricting access to the curriculum. Immersion in a language rich environment is vital, but a focus on accelerating language development of EAL pupils is a major focus in enabling all children to access the curriculum.



Provision of EAL software and activity to targeted children.

Provision of staffing in order to meet this need.



That language acquisition of EAL children is accelerated.

That children arriving as non-English speakers are, over time, better able to access the curriculum.


Equality Objective Three:

For all children to have increased access to outdoor learning spaces in order that horizons and experiences are widened to better promote healthy living.



In line with the Character Education framework guidance of 2019 we are increasing access in order to provide a broader curriculum, instilling a sense of pride, belonging and identity with our school. Increased access to outdoor learning spaces will help to promote a range of positive character traits, develop confidence in non-class based environments, allow children to develop and discover new interests and enable the value of volunteering and service to others to be promoted.

We have previously identified that our more disadvantaged children have greater barriers to participating in gardening activity, and this objective should help to eliminate such barriers and provide lifelong skills and promote a healthy lifestyle.



Use of funding to provide Edible Garden site and sustained funding to enable gardening and linked cooking activities.

Timetabling of activity to build sequential skills and knowledge.



That children can talk confidently and well about gardening experiences and link practical activities to aspects of the Science curriculum.

That children exercise healthy choices in respect of diet.

That children are able to use knowledge and skills outside of the school to further