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The environment around is important and we all need to do our bit to look after it so that it continues to look after us. In this challenge we would like you to think about what you could do to help protect our environment or encourage others to do so. You could choose to do something to actually improve the environment at home, at school or in the wider community. You may choose to get involved in a national or local campaign. You can choose your own activity or check out our suggestions below.

Some suggestions for this challenge would be:

  • Can you work with an adult to set up a recycling system for your home?
  • Can you think of ways we could recycle things better in school?
  • Could you use a water bottle everyday for a whole half term to reduce your own plastic waste?
  • Could you upcycle something that would otherwise be thrown away into something new and reuse it?
  • Can you repair something that has been broken or ripped so that it can continue to be used and not thrown away?
  • Can you get involved in a national environmental day such as the annual RSPB bird or butterfly count?
  • Could you plant a butterfly garden at home?
  • Can you make a bird feeder or a bird bath?
  • Could you hang a bird house at home and welcome a bird family to your garden?