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Class 5SH Home Learning September 11th to 28th 2020

As a result of a child in 5MH/SH having a positive result in a test for Covid 19 the children and staff have to isolate for 14 days. The letters sent yesterday explained that your child needs to self isolate at home until 22nd September 2020. If your child is well at the end of this period they can return to usual activities.

Thank you to parents and children for their support. To have to isolate after only a week in school, after an already lengthy period out of school is unfortunate and disruptive to the planned learning of your child.

The pages on this TAB provide suggested learning for this period, and will be added to so that your child is able to complete some learning at home. To access each daily activity click on the star above. (Clearly, if your child becomes unwell during this period School would not expect them to complete suggested activities.)

Once again, thank you for supporting School and your child at this time.


A second child in this class has tested positive, resulting in the self isolation period having to be 14 days after they were last in school. Children will now need to self isolate for a slightly longer period as they will have been exposed to the virus later than the initial reported case.

Children, if showing no symptoms, will return to school on Monday 28th September.

Thank you to parents for supporting home learning during this period.

T. Bowen Head Teacher 

Any responses to these tasks can be emailed to where they will be marked by staff.

Alternatively children can write answers on paper, which should be set out neatly and returned to school when children return.