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Sickness absence in schools. A guide for parents.

Regular attendance at school is paramount for any child. When a child is in school, they benefit from both the academic support, but also the social aspect of mixing with their peers and staff in school.

Good attendance and punctuality is promoted and rewarded at Hamstead Junior School and we value our parents support in ensuring regular attendance at school for our pupils.


School staff work closely with staff from the Attendance and Prosecutions Service to monitor and track the attendance of children. Parents are asked that children attend well and arrive at school on time - ready to learn. School registration and lessons commence at 8.50 with children asked to arrive at school from 8.40 onwards.


Attendance guidance

100% = Excellent attendance

96%+ = Good attendance

90-96% = Attendance being monitored closely by school

Below 90% = attendance must be seen to improve.*

*Parents will be asked to meet with the Head Teacher to focus on improvement. If, after this meeting, attendance does not improve a meeting with an Attendance and Prosecutions officer would be arranged.


Rewarding Excellent attendance

100% attendance for the year is rewarded by the awarding of an attendance plaque.


100% attendance throughout their Junior school life has been marked with extra special awards of attendance shields in recent years



It is vitally important that pupils are on time for the start of the day so that they are ready to learn.


If a child is just one minute late each day - over a school year that is 190 hours of lost learning (3hrs 10mins)

If a child is 5 minutes late each day - over a  school year that is 950 minutes of lost learning (16 hours)


Please support us in ensuring that your child attends school and is on time!