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Art and Design

'Every artist was first an amateur' (Emerson)

At HJS, we aim to provide an opportunity for all our pupils, whatever their ability, to learn and experience specific art skills, develop an understanding of art from around the world, both past and present, acquire confidence and skills in using a wide range of tools, media and processes and most importantly, to have fun and be proud of their work.

The art curriculum

In their 4 years at HJS, our pupils will learn, practice and develop a variety of techniques including:

  • Painting;
  • Drawing;
  • 3D work;
  • Collage;
  • Printing, including screen printing;
  • Photography;
  • Textiles

In turn, these skills are used across the curriculum in links to all subjects, from using sketching in science, taking photographs of the local environment in geography, creating a birds eye view of an ancient Roman town in history to designing and making large scale scenery and props for an end of year stage production.


Experiencing a world of art

At HJS, we celebrate the work of a range of artists, using their examples to inspire our own work and enabling us to experience art from a range of times and cultures. Each pupil will have the opportunity during the Key Stage to visit an art gallery or work with a visiting artist.                                                        


Art Club

When current restrictions regarding Covid 19 guidelines and bubbles are eased, then we aim to offer each year group the opportunity to attend a lunch time art club for a 5 week period. We also offer a Chill-out Club to those pupils who may find dinner times a challenge and this has a focus on the well-being aspects of using drawing and colouring to create a calm and relaxing mind-set.