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Year 3 2017 - 2018

Welcome Year 3!

Mrs Bartholomew and Mr Hiley are looking forward to getting to know you all.  Other members of staff that will be involved with the teaching of the children this year include: Miss Barnes, Mr Cockshot and Mrs Wakefield .  We have lots of exciting lessons and activities planned.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and talk to us.


Black History Week


This week, Year 3 have focused on the poet and author Benjamin Zephaniah. In pairs, the children have created an e-book on the iPad. The children have created a fact file, picked their favourite Benjamin Zephaniah poem 

and have recorded their own verse to the poem Nature Trail.

Fantastic Learning Journals

Here are some examples of creative learning journals for year 3 topics. 

Well done Sharni, Kiara, Om, Kian, Ruth, Imogen and Ella Rose! 

Mrs Bartholomew and Mr Hiley look forward to see what is handed in next. 

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali Celebrations 1
Diwali Celebrations 2
Diwali Celebrations 3
Diwali Celebrations 4
Year 3 have learnt about Diwali.  They have made some colourful Rangoli patterns and practised designing mendhi patterns.  The children have also enjoyed trying different foods. 

Survival Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis

Survival Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis 1
Survival Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis 2
Survival Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis 3
Survival Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis 4
Survival Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis 5
Survival Guide to Climbing Ben Nevis 6
During Humanities week, the children have been learning about Scotland.  Before writing the Survival Guide, the children scaled the biggest mountain in Scotland Ben Nevis!

Journey to Bethlehem

Journey to Bethlehem 1
Journey to Bethlehem 2
Journey to Bethlehem 3
Journey to Bethlehem 4
Journey to Bethlehem 5
Journey to Bethlehem 6
Journey to Bethlehem 7
Year 3 walked all the way to Bethlehem to learn about the story of Jesus. Thank you again to St Pauls Church and all the parent volunteers.  The children had a wonderful morning listening to stories, singing and meeting Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the kings (on their camel/limo) . 

Christmas Craft

Christmas is finally here!

Year 3 enjoyed glittering and colouring and sticking their Christmas decoration with their Parents/Grandparents/Brothers/Sisters/Aunties/Uncles.  This was linked to our DT project of structures. 

Thank you for your support.