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Performance Information for parents.

This page outlines end of Key Stage 2 attainment data for the periods identified. For published results parents may wish to select the links at the bottom of this page which go into greater detail.

When comparing progress data parents should be aware that national progress measures relate to all schools and that as a result progress data for pure Junior Schools tends to be disadvantaged as figures relate to Primary schools. Upon any Inspection Ofsted inspectors have to take this factor into account when looking at progress.


  2016 2017 2018
Progress in Reading -1.4 0.1 -1.5
  Average Average Average
Progress in Writing -2.5 -1.5 -0.1
  Below Average Average Average
Progress in Mathematics 1.5 2.0 -1.7
  Above Average Above Average Below Average
Average Scaled score reading 102 103 104
Average Scaled score maths 105 105 103
Percentage of pupils who achieved the expected standard in reading,writing and maths 56 69 61
Percentage of pupils who achieved a high level of attainment in reading, writing and maths 7 14 7